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We will partner with you to foster business growth – not just growth in rankings & traffic, but growth in leads & sales! We will consult & implement your entire digital strategy from re-designing your website to SEO services to content marketing to PPC campaigns to conversion optimization to deliver growth!

The Kite-Runner helps their clients with pay-per-click management.

Immediate and consistent results, without a doubt, are the most compelling reasons to use PPC. Unlike SEO, which focuses on "organic" traffic growth, PPC advertising can provide advertisers with results almost immediately after their ads go up. This is why PPC is crucial for any company who wants to generate cash rapidly or take advantage of a limited marketing window. In reality, PPC is a crucial aspect of a short- and long-term digital marketing plan for broad advertising campaigns. A Kite Runner expert can take your business to new heights through PPC.

Benefits of PPC advertising

  • You can choose the maximum budget for your advertisements and only pay when someone clicks on them.
  • Even if your search engine rankings are low, you can compete.
  • You can easily experiment with different advertising.
  • You can improve your brand's recognition.
  • In a matter of minutes, you may start a PPC advertising campaign.
  • You'll be able to find your perfect clientele.

1. What is PPC or Pay-Per Click advertising?

A pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model involves an advertiser paying a publisher each time an ad is clicked to drive traffic to their websites. PPC, also known as pay-per-click, describes an online advertising strategy where advertisers only pay when someone clicks on an ad. You can target your most qualified audience by using pay-per-click advertising, or PPC advertising. You can reach them on their own terms, and gain an advantage over your competitors. Kite Runner helps your website to grow with the help of PPC in San Diego.

2. Is it possible to manage PPC on my own?

It is always suggested to take help from the professionals if you are looking for PPc management for your business. Putting an ad on the internet isn't going to help you increase your earnings. PPC management entails a lot more than just developing ads and tracking their performance.

3. PPC offers a unique opportunity to Increase Business:

Increase the number of customers you have: Connect with people who are actively looking for items and services similar to yours, and meet their needs by making an offer that is relevant to their search query.

4. Produce Leads at a Low Cost:

Pay-per-click marketing is a highly successful approach to drive interested people to your site. It helps you to reach leads and prospects when they're researching and wanting to buy. In addition, you can benefit from a search engine discount provided by an algorithm in exchange for making your consumers happy.

5. What is the best PPC platform in the world?

Google Ads has the greatest market share of any advertising platform, accounting for about 40% of all ad revenue in 2019. Google is used by over 1.3 million businesses to put up their PPC advertisements.

1. Transparency: to maintain the trust of our clients, we keep everything related to their project transparent.

2. All-out effort: we make our all-out effort to market the brand of our clients by making enthralling display/banner advertisements.

3. Mobile ads: We ensure that your ads appear on your audience's mobile phones through our mobile advertising campaigns.

4. Leveraging social media: We help you reach your target market on social media platforms.

5. the power of remarketing: Remarketing enables you to communicate with customers who are already interested in your product, which increases profits.

6. Affordable PPC services: Kite Runner provide the best price in the market of PPc service provider in San Diego

7. Regular reporting: Our team highly believes in regular reporting to the clients so that the client has a clear picture of the progress of their work.

8. Using cutting-edge technology: Use Latest technology: Our digital platform use the very latest tools and technology to execute the works

Google Ads: Google Ads is an online advertising Google-developed platform where advertisers can bid to have brief sales of your products. It can insert adverts in search engine results, such as Google Search, as well as on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos.

Our efficient techniques are tailored to assist small businesses in obtaining a cheap PPC solution at a reasonable cost in San Diego.

Your ad will be seen by those who are likely to be interested in your products and services, while those who aren't will be filtered out. You may reach potential customers through online advertising on a variety of devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Google ads are a form of paid growth, whereas SEO is a form of organic growth for your company.

Display Ads: A sort of internet advertisement that includes text, photos, and a URL that directs customers to a website. There are numerous ad formats to choose from. These advertisements can be static or animated, with various images, video, or shifting text (also called rich media ads).

The Display Network allows you to reach out to consumers while they are browsing through millions of websites.

Kite Runner can promote your products and services while also increasing brand awareness. While search advertising reaches people who are ready to buy, display advertising can get people's attention. Display ads have a large audience and can be seen by many people. To capture your audience's attention, we use eye-catching graphics or rich media.


Static images, animated images, video, responsive advertisements, and text ads are used in Google Ads remarketing. They are displayed on the Google Display and Google Search Networks.

Remarketing offers the advantage of knowing exactly who you are targeting, so it will be easier for you to reach them when you show them your products. To summarize, remember what your potential customers need, and gently sell your product to them. Kite Runner has a good approach to drive the traffic by remarketing

Mobile Ads: Google mobile ads can help you reach out to potential clients wherever they are, right when they're looking for what you have to offer on their phone. 91% of people say they use their phones to look up information when they want to learn about, locate, do, or buy something, and 51% say they've discovered a new company or product while using their phones.

Mobile advertising can assist you in being there at such times, increasing your visibility to potential clients. The visual effect will grab their attention easily and leave a lasting impression. In this way, our company can promote your brand image in the minds of your customers by mobile ads.

Facebook Ads: Facebook ads are sponsored communications that businesses post on the social media platform. Almost 96 percent of social media marketers say that Facebook offers the best return on investment of all the channels available (ROI).

Facebook allows you to experiment with different post styles and alter your strategy based on audience response thanks to its low advertising prices and real-time analysis. Our professional examined any modifications that occurred on days when you posted advertising in the Insights area of your Facebook Page.

Instagram Ads: Instagram advertising is a way to reach a larger audience on the Instagram platform by paying for sponsored content to be posted there. While a company or individual may choose to advertise for a variety of reasons, Instagram advertising is typically used to raise brand awareness, drive visitors to a website, generate new leads, and move current leads down the funnel (and hopefully towards converting)

You can achieve a great deal by running your ads on such a powerful and cost-efficient platform called Instagram. Our company will help you with a substantial amount of traffic in a very short time.

Our PPc Services:

PPC search marketing is becoming increasingly popular for businesses all around the world. Your business is about to boom with more traffic, more leads, and more sales.

Kite Runner assists your businesses contact their buyers on the most effective paid platforms, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. We've managed millions of dollars in PPC budgets over the years, and we've understood what makes a solid client-PPC agency relationship. Our PPC management programme is centred on what provides the best results for our clients while maintaining the highest level of openness.

In order to highlight your product or service to a specific demographic or location, Pay-Per-Click campaigns are the best way to promote your business.


Through BING Ads, you can reach your potential customers across multiple search engines. You will get unmatched service and results when we set up, optimize, and deliver.

Benefits of our PPC services:
  •  Targeted Advertising
  •  Measurable ROI
  •  Effectively targeted campaign
  •  Reach the Right People at the Right Time
  •  Instant visibility
  •  Real time reports
  •  Pay only when people take action on your ad
  •  Brand awareness
  •  Immediate Impact

PPC Services

Pay Per Click Service is one of the best forms of traffic generation and increase sale of your service and product. PPC is quite helpful to grow your business in a controlled and profitable manner.

Search Advertising

With the ubiquity of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, it’s little wonder that search ads have become the most common form of paid advertising. Search ads are linked to certain keywords, and they appear along with your search results

Product Listing Ads

If you are looking to boost your online traffic and visibility, creating a pay per click (PPC) campaign is the quickest and most effective way to do so. Paid search advertising is a controllable and cost-effective way to earn top ranking spots on Google, Bing, and other search platforms

Display Advertising

Display advertising has traditionally been sold on a cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) basis. This means that you, the advertiser, agree to pay a set cost for your ad being displayed one thousand times. There is no guarantee anyone will click on the ad, only that it will be displayed.

Lead Based Marketing

With AdWords Leads Generator or just AdWords Audit you allow your leads to generate an AdWords Performance Audit with a click of a button from your own web site. Lead generation is the number one challenge for marketers today.


Remarketing is a way to connect with people who previously interacted with your website or mobile app. In simple world Re-Marketing (or retargeting) is the practice of serving ads across the internet to people who have already visited your website.

Social Advertising

At Spur Digi Tech, we offer social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, LinkedIn) pay per click management for any platform that offers PPC.

Mobile Advertising

As a professional agency in San Diego, we create and manage Mobile PPC campaigns with mobile business strategy in mind.

Amazon Ads

If you are selling your product thru Online Shopping Site and want to increase your sales then Kite-Runnerh, PPC professionals helps you to increase your sales on Online Shopping Site Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. It is a very user-friendly and cost-effective form of marketing. Contact us for best ROI in eMail Marketing Campaign

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing uses a performance-based payment model, eg Cost per Action - in which payment is closely aligned with results. Affiliate marketing programmes can be set up and managed in house or alternately outsourced to a third party provider, eg affiliate networks.

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