Digital Marketing Agency in San Diego is a method
of advertising made available through digital platforms with the goal to construct brand
awareness and place a company's brand at the top of the list when a public demand arises


Taking our, Kite-Runner, Facebook (FB) PPC ads service, you can take your business to its peak. It is because Facebook has more data related to the interest, activity, shopping behavior and demographics of a user than any other website available. You will have clear target options, which will allow you to find your audience online without any hitch. We are the best FB ads company in San Diego, and we truly know the expectations of a business from a Facebook advertising campaign, so we leave no stone unturned when it comes fulfilling their hopes from us. Our Facebook ads management team has a tremendous amount of experience, and they are always ready to take up any challenge that comes between them and their goal. They squeeze every drop of creativity to give birth to growth opportunities for their clients from this highly-powerful channel.

Are Facebook ads more profit-generating than Google AdWords?

Google Ads are ideal to reach people who are on the lookout for something, so we know less about them, but Facebook makes possible for us to target those ones who need your product or service much better, as it gives clear idea of who they are, their activity on the website and their interests. So, we know all much better and tailor our services according to that and present them in front of the targeted audience so that they like it and change into customers. And, remember that Facebook is the very place where most Internet-surfing people spend their time, so you have more chances of hitting the bull’s eye.

How our Facebook Ads campaign works:

Before we start our top Facebook Pay Per Click (FB PPC) services, we make everything clear to our clients to leave no room for confusion and any potential conflict that may arise in the future. We start all by discussing the kind of traffic and the desired goals of our clients with them. We know whether they are trying to sell a product, increase leads, grow their audience or build brand awareness. Even when finding their goals unclear or confusing, we tell them what they should look for according to their present condition. our expertise in Facebook Ads gives us a clear idea of the potential customers and where they can be found. We keep monitoring the performance of the Ads we run for such audience and improve them according to the need. Sometimes, we add a new audience and do something in the campaign completely differently to reduce obstacles. Let’s understand this better:

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we create appealing Facebook Ads
our Facebook Ads specialists are blessed with immeasurable inventiveness when it comes to creating appealing Facebook Ads. Google Ads provides you the power of four lines of text to manage, Facebook gives you a headline, ad copy, button text, link title, link description and Ad design.
Keep track of performance at every phase
you must accept that proper monitoring is a must for every Facebook advertising campaign and managing it wisely shouldn’t be underestimated. Many Facebook Ads management services provider set the campaign and forget it after sometime, which leads to money wastage.
We always scale up
when we find that our clients are benefitting from the current method of our Facebook Ads campaign, we scale up the campaign to give them the results beyond their expectations. We know it very well that scaling too fast or without any planned preparations leads to destruction. And, we manage it with the utmost dedication and enthusiasm. We are highly appreciated for our Facebook advertising and management services, but we are always in search of perfection or betterment. The satisfaction of clients is our tonic; it always motivates us. Despite that, we always try to give them something unique so we keep making our sincere efforts to be more inventive. We always welcome the feedback, advice, guidance, complaints, or anything that can teach us something. Our Facebook Ads management team keeps an eye on the market’s activities and latest methods, strategies and technology used by our competitors to stay ahead of every digital marketing company.
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