Digital Marketing Agency in San Diego is a method
of advertising made available through digital platforms with the goal to construct brand
awareness and place a company's brand at the top of the list when a public demand arises


In this digitally-powered era, almost everybody has access to the Internet. therefore, Google has become the central point for infinite searches. Out of these searches, there must be a large number of searches related to your product or service, but they can’t find your business. Now, the question is how they can find you easily and who can help you achieve so. Here, our Google Ads services come into play. We show ads related to your product or service when your targeted audience search for your product or service. This way, they reach you and you reach them without any hitch. All you have to do is to pay a fixed amount of money to get your business ads to appear in the search results. And, the best thing is that you don’t have to pay to run your ads, in fact, you have to pay when someone clicks on your ads. Now, we hope that you have a crystal-clear idea of Google AdWords or Ads services. And, we, Kite-Runner, are known as the best Google AdWords company in San Diego. We still find it compulsory to tell you the other major benefits of Google AdWords services

AdWords services work faster than SEO

Although both Google AdWords and SEO are well-known search engine marketing strategies to bring more traffic and leads, AdWords campaigns if used properly can bring results much faster than SEO due to the following reasons:


it allows you to pay attention to multiple keywords at a time.


Ads showing up on the top get most and immediate attention of users..


You can stop and start the campaign according to your needs and wish

Better evaluation of your performance:

t’s extremely hard to have a clear idea of the outcome of the regular or traditional advertisements like radio, newspapers, broadcast television, outdoor billboards and brochures. Moreover, all of them cost more than Google AdWords. Controlling your budget becomes almost impossible in this situation. On the other hand, AdWords will give you a crystal-clear idea of everything you did to run your campaign for example:


You can know who made a click on your ad..


The number of leads generated.


the amount of traffic AdWords helped you get.


The specific keywords brought the most traffic and leads.


The amount cost you per lead.

Having known all this clearly will allow you to know exactly what worked and what not, which means you can make changes or improve your campaigns to get your desired results.

Our top Google AdWords services include the following

We set up a Google AdWords campaign

first, we set up the Google AdWords account and campaign of our clients. We go through deep research to find out valuable keywords, build ad groups and campaigns in order to write eye-catchy and targeted pay per click ads and define campaign rules.

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