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The Search engine finds those websites extremely valuable which are made with quality content and user-friendliness. But how much time your page takes to load, its crawlability, and other technical factors can’t be ignored if you want your website to rank better in search engines. Therefore, technical SEO services are a must for you to survive in this digital-powered era. We, Kite-Runner, leave no stone unturned when it comes to eliminating technical SEO issues and clears the way for your clients to rule in the digital space with their services or products. You must remember if a house has weak foundations, then it can fall down anytime, the same goes for your website. Technical SEO provides your website with crawlability, indexing ability, loading fast capability, and so on. It doesn’t matter how valuable content you have on your website if search engines can’t understand that, then they will not let your page be a part of in their resulting pages. Having flawless technical SEO parts and valuable content plays a huge role in your website ranking. Therefore, don’t underestimate the technical side of SEO. We, Kite-Runner, are regarded as the best technical SEO company, and our highly qualified and experienced technical SEO specialists check every technical part of our clients’ website so that it can rank better.

The following are some major parts of our technical SEO services:

Mobile performance we optimize your website so that it can give mobile users a pleasant and comfortable experience. We excel in making a website mobile-friendly.

Internal link structure your internal link structure plays a huge role in your SEO success when you are launching a new website, refreshing an existing site or restructuring your content.

Image optimization we optimize the image and make it of an appropriate size so that it doesn’t affect the page load speed negatively.

Redirects the number of redirects plays a huge role in site page load speed. That’s why we reduce the number of redirects to an ideal number so that your page can load fast in order to make search engines find it appropriate.

Page speed According to experts, your web pages must take less than 2 seconds if they do so, then they deserve better rankings in the eyes of search engines.

XML Sitemap XML sitemaps allow Google to find your web pages without any difficulty, and we work with 100% dedication to make it happen.

Having a basic idea of our technical SEO services must have helped you know the importance of our services. So, leverage the unlimited creativity and innovative ideas of our technical SEO team to take your business to your desired level by making your website SEO friendly and user-friendly. So that the hard work invested in producing valuable content doesn’t go futile. Technical SEO means that you make sure that your website is running according to the guidelines laid down by search engines. Here, you are assured that your content can be indexed and ranked for the keyword used by a user according to the system. You must consider it the backbone of your website to know its value. Mobile-friendliness, faster-loading speed, removing site errors, dealing with 404 errors, finding and fixing broken links and the like fall under this section. All of them play a crucial role in the success of your website. Our hotshot technical SEO team can help you by warding off any issue related to technical SEO. After that, there will be no villain that can tank your website.

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